In farming business, you have to sell to make money. This is also how it is in every other businesses. Nothing happens until you sell. But a lot of farmers don’t know that Selling is not that easy. Many of them will rush into the business Of farming only to be discouraged and defeated when they discovered that their products are not being sold as fast as they thought or planned. They did not know that expertise in production do not translate to expertise in sales and marketing.

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In today’s selling environment, you sell better when you serve your customers. I always tell Participants in our seminars at WORLD FARMERS CENTRE and during our various WINNING EDGE MARKETING SEMINARS that Selling is better done when you focus intensely on serving your customers. You may want to ask. How can a farmer serve before selling his or her products?

There are so many ways to do this. The secret is that it will always start with the customers that you have now. You only need one customer to start the process of serving before selling. That one customer that you have, how do you serve him or her? Do you keep in touch with him or her often? Do you provide tips on how to get the best from your farm products? Do you try to connect him or her to other people when there is need to do this? The list goes on and on.


The basic understanding you need to have is that the secret to getting is giving. The secret to selling is service. The way up is down. Essentially this is what marketing is all about. The purpose of marketing is to make selling unnecessary. And you make selling unnecessary when you serve people in any tangible way you can.

We are no longer in the days that you can just keep pushing your products at people. We are in the age of abundance. It is no longer sellers market but buyers market. Buyers now have choices. Buyers are now the bride. They will only go to where they are valued, pampered and loved.


For enquiries and details, call World Farmers Centre Admin on 08035219966 or WhatsApp us @+2348173030321.

Dear Farmers, what are you doing about this? If your business model is to keep selling in the hard way, try and make a shift before it is too late.


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For enquiries and details, call World Farmers Centre Admin on 08035219966 or WhatsApp us @+2348173030321.

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