Production is important, no doubt. And I often do as much as I can to encourage farmers to keep perfecting their production processes. I resolutely believe that more and more marketing is much more beneficial. How? Simple. You see, production is just the first and necessary step in doing farming business. Marketing is the vital step through which what is produced gets sold. Without marketing, sales can go down and when sales go down, there will be a consequent reduction in production.



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I often tell farmers that someone who can sell will usually make much more money than the one who can only produce. My conclusion is usually: know how to produce and know how to market and sell your farming products. One of the vital marketing strategies is cultivating TRUST between yourself and your customers. Yes, trust is marketing in action!


In order to keep selling more and more your farming products, you should consciously and on constant basis cultivate trust between you and your customers. You can even deliberately start focusing strictly on the twenty percent that are buying eighty percent of your farming products. Please note that trust is a process.


Often, trust usually starts by likeness. Strive to make your prospects know you. When your prospects become your customers, strive to make them like you. When customers like you, they will keep buying your products. From likeness, work diligently to make your customers trust you. Do everything positive to make your customers trust you and you will be in real business!



The icing on the cake is that when customers begin to trust you, they will often move on to become your advocate. Imagine having the customers buying eighty percent of your products becoming your advocate! This is good business. From the position of being your advocate, you can even work more on your customers to become your raving fans. This is the ultimate.


You should get busy working on your customers from time to time. Do this consistently and consciously. Constantly remind your work team on your agenda to keep moving all your customers up the ladder from being your customers to becoming your advocates and ultimately your raving fans. Do you know what I am getting at? Make your customers, your raving fans.


The mark of a vibrant business is to have many of your customers become your raving fans. AND TRUST IS THE ROAD THAT WILL GET YOU TO THAT POINT.

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