The customer is the beginning and the end of any business. Without the customers, there is no business. With great customers, you have a great business. In other words, your customers are assets of your farming business. Think of it. Everything you do on the farm or on your farming business is to get products to ultimately sell to buyers. And the buyers are your customers. Imagine having real good customers who are always buying from you each time you produce. These good customers are assets!



Knowing that your customers are assets to your farming business is a great insight. You can plan your business around them. You can grow your business through them. In fact, they are like money in the bank for you. This is why every business should do everything possible to have real good customers. And when you have them, you should maintain them. You should grow them. You should attract more like them in every way possible.


Many farmers don’t know this fact. They are rude to customers. They don’t even have the database of even the few customers that they have. And when you cannot maintain or grow your customers, you tend to lose them. In this fast business world, losing customers due to carelessness is a no-no. This is an area that every serious business owner should look into deeply. Never lose your good customers to carelessness.

Loosing good customers is even more than losing money. When you lose a good customer, you have not only lost money, you have lost a continuous flow of money into your business. As a matter of fact, you have lost a great asset!




Many farmers don’t know that their customers are part of their assets. They moan and complain about no profit, low profits and no business. But they are lackadaisical about the few good customers that they have. They don’t believe in celebrating their customers. They don’t believe in cultivating or growing customers. They don’t even have any usable customers database. No wonder they keep struggling and stumbling through their business life.


My message to every farm business owner is this: look for and covet good customers. Celebrate them. Grow or cultivate them. Gather them. Reward them. Satisfy them. Love them deeply. By doing these, little customers can become big in your hands. Big customers will cause big money to flow into your business. Then you will know indeed that your customers are your biggest assets.

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