It’s Not That Rosy For Hatcheries Too


It’s Not That Rosy For Hatcheries Too

The latest craze for buying Day Old Chicks in Nigeria May be causing some individuals to salivate greedily and become green with envy. For example, most of my friends who are operating hatcheries in Nigeria are fully booked till March or beyond next year!


Before you start crying uhuru, let me inform you that things are not really that rosy for hatcheries operators in Nigeria. Recently I read on the social media about how farmers are crying on the incessant price increases of both pullet and broiler day old chicks.

I smiled. Why? Like what the Yorubas always say, “What is behind letter six is more than letter seven,” things are not really that rosy for hatcheries operators. They are also being plague by numerous problems day in and day out. Unless you are an insider you may not know.

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For example, it is good to point out that things are only looking positive for the hatcheries operators now in Nigeria. It has not been this way over the years. Two years ago, things were so terrible for hatcheries operators. Do you know that some hatcheries operators were actually drowning day old chicks because they could not sell?

I know a particular hatchery that practically folded up few years ago. As a matter of fact, the company is still owning me several thousands of naira. Really things are not that rosy for hatcheries operators in Nigeria.

Let me tell you about my recent discussion with one of my friends who is running hatcheries operations. He told me about their nasty experience during the last #EndSars protests. They lost several millions In transporting day old chicks from one state to the other. How? So many day old chicks died on transit due to huge stress. How many farmers are aware of this?

I could go on and on, but let me take a break now…

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  1. Like you mentioned sir what is behind 6 is more than 7,8,9,……..100, 1000.Let me start from energy cost PHCN billing, diesel cost from here cost of disinfectants is getting out of reach, Let’s not mention spare parts of machine among others. Taxes of different types from government & regulatory bodies.


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