Hard facts on kidnappers for Farmers (Must Read!)

Hard facts on kidnappers for Farmers-(Must Read!)

Please note!

This revealing write up is not by me. But I am really impressed with the information. It will help farmers to be more careful while doing their honest business in bushes and remote areas. May God help us all! -Publisher

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Kidnappers, their modus operandi and way forward,

These are, however not all on the matter..

Groups recently implicated= Herdsmen

Target population= Anyone, no age or religious barrier.

Primary gain= Obedience to hierarchal tendency.

Secondary Gain= Money.

Area of Action=

1. Highways
2. Interstate roads
3. Trunk B roads
4. City outskirts

Modes of operation

1. The Spy/ Syndicate System

2. The Collegiate system

3. The Crude Brute System

1. The Spy System

Who are the spies??

A. Law enforcement agents.

B. Jobless road repairers

C. Busy bodies sitting at road junctions.

Mechanism of Action..

Unauthorised Peeping inside the car by any of those listed above to;

1. Identify wealthy individuals

2. Identify presence of armed guards

3. Rating of vehicles as a measure of wealth

4. Isolation of all govt registered vehicle as a MUST for kidnap, even if with driver alone.

Means of Action by Spies;

1. Undue friendliness at contact

2. Undue familiarity

3. Unwarranted/ unsolicited waving @ you.

4. Presence and Fiddling with phone by one or all of these spies at contact.

5. Eventual call to Kidnappers in front for action.

2. The Collegiate System

In this case the kidnappers are of the same tribe working together at very short distance to each other.

Mechanism of Action.

You suddenly see a man in front of you beside the road in an unexplained area, that is an area leading to nowhere.

When you move close to him and after sizing up your car from afar he enters the bush again in your presence.

He then call his colleagues who are at a very short distance away to effect the kidnapping.

Please note the moment you see this group of kidnappers in front, you have already walked Into an ambush as some of them are already behind you.

Any reverse = death.

3. The Crude Brute System.

Latest entrants into the kidnappers strategy.

These types are crude and very brutal.

They are great risk takers. They care less about security agencies.

They work alone and kidnap anyone they see No matter how poor.

They have no time to access anyone.

Mechanism of Action..

They jump at any road of their choice at anytime of the day and start shooting at any incoming traffic, no matter the speed.

They kill as many as those hit by bullets at random and carry away those who survive the wreck that ensued after the shooting.

Post Kidnapping

After kidnapping, the kidnappers make everyone to understand that they are in serious business by

1. Incessant Threat language at gun point

2. Regular slaps

3..Removal of Shoes and slippers of victims to make them miserable while walking on sharp stones, thorns, shrubs etc to create injuries on their feets to ensure early soberness.

4. Walking in circles for hours to disorient the victims in terms of time and place and position.

5. Late initiation of negotiation until the victim is thoroughly sober and dying slowly..

6. Release after collection of ransom.

7. Death.

Special cases.

Death after Ransom

This occur rather too often in some cases.

Causes of Death

1. Exhaustion

2. Ongoing medical ailments at the point of kidnap

3. Snake bites and bites from other poisonous animals in the bush

5. Dehydration and acute renal injury

6. Haemorrhage from Multiple gang rapes, for women.

7. Gunshot from the kidnappers due to

1. Attempt to escape

2. Too Weak victim who cannot move again.

Why they still collect ransom after death.

The kidnappers see each operation as an investment and hence no matter what happens to the victim they still want to maximize the gains of each operation.

Can kidnappers release a victim without collecting ransom?

Yes, very possible.

This is common in the spy system.

Read about 5 billion snail farm

Where the spy called them and said that they have kidnapped the wrong person or that the person kidnapped will generate too much heat and stress for them from the security agencies or from the community.

An example avail of a person kidnapped and was later released and given transport money the following day by the kidnappers when some issues arose.

Best way to handle kidnappers.

1. Avoidance

2. Avoidance

3. Avoidance

4..Once kidnapped you have lost all control. If you attempt to escape you get killed, if you Don’t try to escape, you may STILL die..

5. Avoidance at all cost


1. Youth Employment opportunities

2. National Disorientation and Reorientation in tribalism

3. Regular and permanent highway patrols at 10 minutes intervals with policemen in mufti

4. Increase wages and motivational weapons for policemen

5.. Rapid response helicopter with night vision equipment

6. Stringent punishment for kidnappers and conspirators.

7. Community anti kidnap policing.

8. Close audit and Cctv monitoring of law enforcement agents in charge of armoury

9. Employment of spy agents across communities.

10. Prayer

11. Stay at home and engage yourself in meaningful endeavours.

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