[INTERVIEW] Taking Farming and Veterinary Practice To New Levels In Nigeria

[INTERVIEW] Taking Farming and Veterinary Practice To New Levels In Nigeria




WORLD FARMERS CENTRE: Tell us about briefly yourself

DR. SHEHU SHAMSUDEEN: I am Dr Shehu Shamsudeen, the Team lead Ambuvets Konsult Nig Ltd. I am a Veterinarian by training with a decade experience in veterinary business Management.

WORLD FARMERS CENTRE:What motivated you to initiate this innovative program [BUSINESS TRAINING FOR VETERINARIANS] for veterinarians?

DR. SHEHU SHAMSUDEEN: We believe that building capacities of Veterinarians is critical to developing the livestock sector in Nigeria. At Ambuvets Konsult, we like to solve real problems. So we have discovered over time that Veterinarians in Nigeria lacked business management skills and that has become a great barrier to growth of many veterinary enterprises. So we conducted a survey last year amongst vets and we became further convinced that Veterinarians in Nigeria need support in business management. Knowing that Zoetis ALPHA initiative in Nigeria has training support for Veterinarians as a component of its intervention, we approached them with our idea and it was well received. So 70 vets across the country attended virtual trainings on 6 different aspects of business management, 30 of them were then selected and matched with business management consultants as Mentees to help them with customised business advisory support.

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WORLD FARMERS CENTRE: What are your expectations from this initiative going forward?

DR. SHEHU SHAMSUDEEN: We expect that participants would begin to apply the knowledge gained in their daily practices, improve their service delivery and this should translate to them being able to support more farmers.

WORLD FARMERS CENTRE: What role is Zoetis playing in actualizing this novel initiative?

DR. SHEHU SHAMSUDEEN: Zoetis is providing funding and technical support to the initiative.

WORLD FARMERS CENTRE: What happens after the first batch of veterinarians have been trained and mentored?

DR. SHEHU SHAMSUDEEN: We expect them to improve their practices and be able to create more jobs in the livestock and animal health industry. We are also looking at the possibility of training more vets across the country on business management..

WORLD FARMERS CENTRE: Tell us about AMBUVETS and your plans to help farmers succeed in Nigeria?

DR. SHEHU SHAMSUDEEN: Ambuvet Konsult is a business enterprise working in the livestock and animal health space, providing innovations to transform the livestock sector by providing last mile access to animal health services, products and trainings especially to small holder farmers and service providers across livestock value chains in Nigeria.


We are currently expanding our distribution network to be able to service more farmers Nigeria through trainings, and establishment of retail outlets for critical livestock farming input such as vaccines, feed and veterinary drugs.

WORLD FARMERS CENTRE: Tell us the best book that has influenced you greatly in life

DR. SHEHU SHAMSUDEEN: The book that has greatly influnced my life is “DONT BE SAD” by Aidh Al Qarnee.

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