See What NIRSAL, NASENI Partner to do on Agricultural mechanization for Farmers

See What NIRSAL, NASENI Partner to do on Agricultural mechanization for Farmers


The Nigeria Incentive-Based Risk Sharing System for Agricultural Lending Plc is partnering with the National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure to provid end-to-end solutions aimed at fixing breakages along the Agricultural Value Chains in Nigeria.


NIRSAL has engaged NASENI as its technical collaborative partner for the conceptualisation, design, development, deployment, implementation and execution of various schemes/projects under the NIRSAL-NASENI Comprehensive Tractor Recovery Scheme.

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The NIRSAL Climate-Smart Modular Geo-Cooperative-Based Irrigation System for Smallholder Farmers and other Agricultural Value Chain-related challenges requiring efficient homegrown scientific and engineering solutions for proof of concept projects and scale-up to attract finance and investment into fixed Agricultural Value Chains.

NIRSAL and NASENI will crowd-in stakeholders from all AVC segments to create AVC-wide commercially viable platforms anchored on Public-Private Partnerships.

To make up for the deficit in tractors and other mechanisation equipment, NIRSAL Plc and NASENI will recover and reinvigorate idle agricultural equipment for enhanced mechanisation of Agricultural Value Chains in Nigeria.

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In addition, the technological capacity of NASENI in the area of solar modules production creates a critical backbone in the provision of off-grid energy to power modular irrigation and agro-processing clusters that are domiciled within NIRSAL Agro Geo-Cooperative clusters.

Critically, in addition to optimising the capacity of NASENI, the partnership, like all of NIRSAL Plc’s strategic interventions, will create widespread socioeconomic development.

Specifically, at least 110,000 jobs will be created, 10,000 directly and 100,000 indirectly – another instance of NIRSAL Plc’s support of the Federal Government’s efforts to achieve economic stability and prosperity for Nigerians.

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NIRSAL Plc’s Managing Director/CEO, Aliyu Abdulhameed, speaking at a launch event hosted at NIRSAL Plc’s Head office, expressed optimism that the partnership would ensure that there are sustainable fixes to identified challenges facing the Agribusiness Sector in Nigeria, that the partnership will go a long way in maximising the agricultural potentials of the country, thereby contributing to the achievement of food security, inclusive economic growth, diversification, and employment generation.

NASENI’s Executive Vice Chairman, Engr. M.S. Haruna, assured that NASENI would “provide cutting edge research and development on innovative approaches for all the schemes and projects under the agreement to advance mechanization, modular irrigation activities and other agricultural engineering solutions across Agricultural Value Chains.”

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