See How IFAD Agric Project suffers Setbacks in Abia

See How IFAD Agric Project suffers Setbacks in Abia


Abia State Life Improvement Family Enterprises for the Niger Delta (LIFE-ND), an International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) facilitated project, is being challenged by refusal of communities to donate land for its implementation.


The state coordinator of the programme, Dr Uchenna Onyeizu, explained that the implementation of the programne was challenged because 4,000 hectares of land were needed for the project, but were not released by the communities. The programme which is to facilitate cassava and rice production, poultry farming and oil palm processing.

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He said out of about 4,000 hectares of land required for the implementation of the programme in the targeted 100 communities, less than 100 hectares have only been made available.

The state coordinator said the hectares that have been made available were given by the state government because the communities refuse to donate their land on the previous acquisitions when the land they donated for other projects was not effectively used or there were no compensations.

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He however pointed out that there was no provision for direct land acquisition in the IFAD Life-ND project, as the selected communities were expected to donate land for the project that 50 communities had been selected, while another 50 would follow in April as the participants who would operate on the provided infrastructures had been trained.

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