Aflatoxins: How Aflasafe Saved Maize Production


Aflatoxins: How Aflasafe Saved Maize Production


Stakeholders in the agricultural sector have commended an agro-chemical giant, HarvestField Industries Limited, for manufacturing Aflasafe to salvage maize production from the deadly infection called aflatoxins.


The commendation was made during the kick-off of one-day workshop on ‘Scaling Solutions to Control Aflatoxin in Nigeria’s Crop Value Chain-Test Results under the CBN-ABP 2020 Wet Season Project’held by the Director, Federal Department of Agriculture, Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Karima Babangida, who was represented by Head of Nutrition, Crop Protection and Food Safety in the Ministry, Dr Oyeleke Razak, commended the passion and commitment by HarvestField and IITA to tackle the menace of aflatoxin that has led to the death of Nigerians and stunted growth of children under five, whereby increasing liver cancer cases in the country.


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Aflatoxins are poisonous chemicals produced by Aspergillus flavus and A.parasiticus (molds). The molds reside in the soil and dead, decaying organic matter and from there reach the crops. Animal feeds, Maize, Groundnut, Sorghum, Cassava, Pepper and Cotton Seeds are susceptible and can be infected both at pre-and post-harvest.

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Effects of aflatoxin in humans, animal health and agro-produce trade include liver diseases, including cancer; causes stunting and growth retardation in children; suppresses the immune system; causes abnormal swelling of stomach; depending on the dose, it can cause death; and effect on trade through produce rejection.

Babangida said: “All powerful nations of this world derive their strength from the ability to feed their citizens, and that is the reason on the appealing that food and nutrition security should be topmost on the agenda of the Federal Government through the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

“And we are here today to discuss this very important subject, scaling up aflaxtoxin solutions in Nigerian crop value chains.

“The immediate result expected for this workshop is that we have improved food safety in Nigeria, and you cannot talk of nutrition and food safety because they are two sides of a coin.

“If you don’t have food safety you don’t have nutrition so that is why is of utmost importance that we need to rally round the effort of IITA and HarvestField in proferring solution to this menace of aflatoxin contamination in our value chains.

“The effort of HarvestField will yield jobs and create wealth for Nigeria, and above all it will lead to an improved health and productivity.”

According to her it is topmost on the agenda of Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to support Nigerian farmers to produce maize that is aflatoxin-free through the use of the “technology developed by HarvestField that is Aflasafe.

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“Aflasafe is wonderful, and Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development is supporting farmers to have this Aflasafe free of charge so it is kudos to the Minister of Agriculture, Sabo Nanono because it is a great effort, but you need to do more in terms of awareness, support so you get rid of the menace of Aflatoxin.”

The National President, Maize Association of Nigeria, (MAAN), Dr Bello Abubakar, commended the innovation of HarvestField for saving the maize industry from aflatoxin which was introduced to them by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, which had been given farmers free aflasafe to boost production and make profit.

Abubakar disclosed that about 5 million registered members in MAAN are doing well in the production of the commodity which production in 2014 was 8.5 million metric tonnes, but from 2015-2020 the total production has increased over 20 million metric tonnes.

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“In our production for maize, the issue of aflatoxin is a very critical issue that has taken our production, after the prodcution and in our supply most of the processors are complaining of aflatoxin in relation to our maize we are producing in Nigeria.

“So there was a time right from the beginning most of our farmers don’t know what is aflatoxin is, it was later HarvestField just came up with this solution of aflasafe that will confront aflatoxin contamination of maize we now realise and know that really there is a way that will have a solution to that problem that our processors have been complaining about.

“We also understand that it is an international acceptable requirement for maize production in the world to be aflatoxin-free maize, and how can we get aflatoxin-free maize it is only by using aflasafe.

“From the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, they started calling our attention on how we will use aflasafe. For the past four years the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development are providing aflasafe to our farmers free of charge for us to use it in order for our farmers to understand the potency and usage of aflasafe.

“When we started using aflasafe, companies that were complaining are now coming back to us to use our maize because they know that we are using aflasafe.

“Aflasafe also boost our production, and also to prevent the importation of maize into Nigeria because what they need is aflatoxin-free maize and because of the aflasafe we are using we are producing aflatoxin-free maize in Nigeria.

“I thank HarvestField for providing this solution to us as maize farmers if not we will just continue producing and say we don’t have standard requirement for production, and if produce they will not but in order for them to continue importing maize.

“We appreciate your effort for helping our farmers, and they are now aware of this product, and also appreciate the Federal Ministry of Agrculture for the free provision of aflasafe, and we will ensure all our farmers make use of our product, and we commend the Governor of CBN for his support for our farmers.”

The Managing Director, HarvestField, Martins Awofisayo, presenting the journey so far Industries and where it is heading to, said the company has invested $5 million on its ultra-modern and largest agro-chemical factory in Africa sitting on eight hectares of land in Ogun State.

He said: “I can see that the issue of aflatoxin is already settled by the people and gathering that we have here today.

“Everyone here knows about aflatoxin but what have we been doing about it, effort made, and a lot of messages from the goodwill and a lot said on the solution that have been found just like we do not have vaccine for COVID-19 what would have happened.

“A solution has been found to control and mitigate aflatoxin in our food, crop value chain but there ijs nothing we are doing about it.

“Millions of people have been traced to the consumption of aflatoxin infected food to having liver cancer, 4 million children are suffering from stunted growth, and these are the issues and why we are gathered here today that shows we are serious about it, and now is a great opportunity for us to do a roadmap after today.

“Aflatoxin is a challenge we have taken on ourselves, and we have seen the gap and we want to fill it. Our farmers are suffering form the economic angle, they will borrow money to farm and they will not have money to sell, and our children are also suffering, and anywhere we go you mention aflatoxin people shiver.

“In Rwanda, they have declared that you cannot cultivate any maize whether as smallholder farmer or big farmer with the use of aflasafe and it is a criminal offence. How are we going to do that in Nigeria? We have the wherewithal to do that.”

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