Key points you need to know about Biosecurity in Organic Poultry Farming Business


Key points you need to know about Biosecurity in Organic Poultry Farming Business

Biosecurity is a system or practice designed to prevent the spread of diseases in your poultry farm or pen. It is accomplished by maintaining a system in such a way that there is minimal traffic of biological organisms ( viruses, bacteria, rodents etc ) across the borders of your farm or Khola. Key biosecurity measures include;-

1. Reduce where possible the movements of people, vehicles or equipment into areas where farm animals are kept. This will minimize potential contamination with manure, slurry and other products that could carry disease.


2. Where direct contact with farm animals occurs then cleanse and disinfect protective clothing, footwear, equipment, vehicles before and after contact, or where practicable use disposable protective clothing.

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3. To avoid disease in a poultry flock, it is essential to provide clean drinking water and food, preferably indoors to prevent contamination by wild birds and other animals.

4. Other measures include isolating new birds, preparing a plan should the flock need to be brought indoors, and thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting housing at the end of a cycle.

In essence, it is important we maintain a clean and healthy environment;

Clear bushes within the farm, use neem oil as an organic insecticide to chase away insects.
A clean and healthy environment will give little or no room for vectors. For rodents, make sure there is no space for rodents to penetrate the pen, nor gain access to the storehouse where you keep birds’ feeds.

For birds on free-range, always regulate the pasture space to avoid worm build up. All the same, vectors are mostly insects, worms, few predators, rodents etc.

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The most common vector we have noticed that causes major disease outbreak on Nigeria poultry farms is the RODENTS MOSTLY HOUSE RAT/MICE/BUSH RATS. The easiest way to get rid of this problem naturally on smallholder farms is the use of the “1finger” fishing net to lay a trap at the walkway of the vectors.

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