Qualities Of A Good Chick for your organic poultry farming business (Very Important)


Qualities Of A Good Chick for your organic poultry farming business (Very Important)

1. Don’t choose an abnormally small chick. Runts of any hatchery often have health problems down the road. You will want to pick up and hold the chick you are considering choosing. It should feel solid and be of a good weight for her size.

2. It should be very active and wriggle a bit to get out of your grasp.


3. It should be happily peeping with bright clear eyes, but a strident chirp could be trouble; it could signal it’s been chilled (chicks can often die even days later if they are allowed to get too cold) or in pain.

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4. Its eyes should be clear and alert.

5. The top and bottom of her beak should line up correctly, and not be scissored or crooked. Her abdomen should not be distended or raw and red, nor should her vent be wet.

6. Check her vent. It should be clear of any poop. A buildup of poop or evidence of diarrhoea could signal vent gleet, pasty butt or other intestinal issues. Seeing a puffy, fluffy butt is a good sign.

7. Count its toes and make sure none seem bent in the wrong direction or abnormal. Set the chick down and be sure it’s steady on its feet and not disoriented or wobbly. It shouldn’t be standing with its eyes closed or swaying.

8. And finally, check that its feet seem centred under her and not splayed out to the sides, which can indicate spraddle or splayed leg.

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