What you need to start a Goat Farming Business

What you need to start a Goat Farming Business

• Tip! Before buying and moving your goats, consult with the nearest veterinary office for vaccinations, permits and any other relevant information.

• Housing with raised slatted floor (1.5 to 2 square metres per animal).


✔️Good ventilation
is essential but house should protect animals from wind and rain. Local materials such as off-cuts, poles and sticks can be used.

Equip the house with feed and water troughs so you can feed your goats indoors.

• Fodder (Napier and other grasses) which make up the bulk of goat feed. Establish a source of fodder by planting or buying fodder locally.

• Feed supplements (Calliandra, Leucaena, Desmodium, grains and milling by-products, minerals, molasses) which provide essential nutrients, such as protein, energy and minerals, to support milk production. Fodder shrubs can be grown around the edges of the plot.

• One or more female dairy goats. Breeds
include Toggenburg, German Alpine, Saanen and crosses with the Galla. Also check out the breeds in your area. Note that it is better to stick to the breeds that has the history of good thriving and survival. VERY IMPORTANT!

• A male dairy goat (own or access to a communally owned one). One male is needed for every 25 females. A male exchange programme prevents inbreeding: male goats should not be mated with closely related females.

• Labour (family labour may be adequate)

• Market for the surplus milk, added-value products and goats

• Indigenous female goats for crossing if one intends to upgrade using a male goat of a
dairy breed


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