What you need to know when starting Goat Farming In Nigeria (Part 1)


Farming has remained a great means for people who are looking to be self-employed or to earn some extra money. Goat farming is no exception. It is a very lucrative type of farming business if you have the necessary training before you embark on it.

We will be giving you tips on the most important things to consider when starting a goat farm. We have divided this article into multiple parts in order not to make it overwhelming to digest. In this part, we are considering everything from farm location, to the type of goat farming you can engage in (meat or milk), and then the breeds to buy.


Farm Location
Selecting suitable land for your farm is very important. It is important to always consider the availability of some facilities like access to a water source, marketplaces, and so on.

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  • Note these points:
    Select a land which is not too far from the town.
    Find out if there is another farm located or not, near your selected location.
    The place must have to be suitable enough to set up a pasture or grazing place.
    A market near the farmland, so that you can easily buy necessary equipment.
    Availability of all types of veterinary services.
    Great source of fresh and clean water.
    Good transportation facilities with the nearest market or town.

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Type of Goat Farming (Meat or Milk)
In goat farming, you can produce meat, milk, skin, fibre, manure etc. from the goats at the same time. Determine what type of products has a great demand in your location.

If goat milk has a great demand in your location, then you can set up a dairy goat farming business. If goat meat has high demands, then you can easily establish a meat goat farm.

So, before starting goat farming in Nigeria, analyze your local market and start producing products that have a great demand.

Breeds to purchase
Buying high-quality healthy goat breeds for your farming business is very important. After determining which products you are going to produce, buy high quality, fresh and healthy goats.

  • Some of the popular breeds in Nigeria include:
    Nigerian dwarf

To be continued next week!

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VIDEO: procedures of starting goat farming

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