Retail Marketing in Catfish Farming Business


A marketing plan should be the first step taken when one is considering catfish production. No profits are made until your crop of fish is sold. Catfish are sold in all forms of their life stages. Many people produce fish to sell wholesale to businesses for a profit. However, in this article, we will be exploring the avenues available in Retail Marketing to sell off your catfish produce.

Introduction to Retail Marketing


Retail marketing is practised mostly by smaller, commercial farms. The small farms usually cannot take advantage of discounts for bulk purchases of feed and seed stock. Production costs per pound of fish produced are usually higher than those of larger farms because of the economy of scale. Ponds are often smaller and more costly to build per acre. Profits may be low if fish are sold to a processor wholesale market.

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Retail prices are usually influenced by local competition if any, and advertising is usually required to be successful. Fish are sold undressed or live through fee-fishing ponds, out of holding tanks or when harvested. Fish can be sold off trucks in areas where there is demand.


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Fee-fishing ponds or pay lakes are most successful when they are located near a large urban area. A good, weekly supply of market-sized fish is usually required, and customer satisfaction and service are important for repeat business.

Liability insurance is recommended and certain regulations should be adopted.

Other retail markets include local stores and restaurants. They usually want processed fish delivered on a regular basis. This means regular harvesting and the ability to hand-process fish. (Some local businesses will run a special if fish cannot be delivered regularly).

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