Vital Reasons Why Your Seeds Did Not Germinate


Vital Reasons Why Your Seeds Did Not Germinate

Sometimes seeds sown tend not to germinate, here are some probable cause why your seed refused to germinate.

Mold and Fungus


Caused by mold or mildew build-up, typically caused by a too-wet growing environment. This leads to Damping Off Disease

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The damping-off disease is a common disease that can affect fragile, developing seedlings. It kills or weakens seeds or seedling before or after they germinate.


Improper Seed Depth

Plant at least half an inch to three-quarters of an inch deep in the soil. Small, thin seeds usually don’t need to be buried very deep, while big, fat seeds need deeper depth.

Bugs and Other Pests

Pests won’t necessarily kill your seeds, but they can feast on young seedlings before they’ve had a fair chance to emerge

Poor Seed Quality

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It Was Too Cold

Seeds need to be kept warm! For the most part, seeds won’t germinate if the soil is cooler than 60 degrees (although this does vary by plant type – some seeds need warmer temperatures, and some require cooler weather)

It Was Too Warm

Just as your seeds need it to be warm enough to germinate, they also don’t want it to be too warm. If your seeds get above 80 degrees, they may get cook.

Failure to Take Care of Seeds

Seeds need to be taken care of like babies. Plant seeds vary from species to species, grain crops and tomatoes must be stored at room temperature.

Something Ate Them

They did germinate Just that some animals decided to have a snack

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Inconsistent Moisture:

Seeds need to be moist, but they don’t want to be too moist. Oversaturating the soil will remove oxygen in the soil, starving the seed as they are developing, and it can also rot the seeds

Poor Oxygen

Use well-aerated seed-starting solution. If you are growing outside, make sure your soil is not heavy and compacted.

The Soil is Hot

If your soil has too much nitrogen – usually, because you added something like wet manure (Not cured yet) to the soil – there is a good chance that your seedlings will fail to germinate.

Your Seeds Are Old

Seeds have a life expectancy, particularly if they’ve been subjected to fluctuations in temperature.

They Need to Be Pre-Sprouted Some seeds must be soaked or inoculated before they are planted.


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