Red Alert for wise poultry farmers now

Red Alert for wise poultry farmers now

Togo has culled hundreds of birds, quarantined a poultry farm, closed a local bird market and banned the movement of poultry following anoutbreak of the highly pathogenic H5N1 avian flu, the government said on Tuesday.

Over 800 birds have been culled, Batasse Batawui, director of livestock at Togo’s Ministry of Agriculture, told Reuters.


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The government said in a statement that the birds were incinerated and eggs destroyed to stop the spread.

It added that the poultry farm, around 15km (9.3 miles) north of the capital, Lome, has been quarantined, and the local poultry and feed stock market closed for 30 days.

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Poultry Farmers in Nigeria should not look lightly at this incident in Togo. Togo is not very far from Nigeria. And with all the people movements in and out of Nigeria from different parts of West Africa. Nigerian poultry farmers should be very careful and intensify radical Biosecurity measures in their farms.

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