What you need to know when starting Goat Farming In Nigeria (Part 2)


For commercial goat farming, ensure that you keep your goats in clean pens which is free of dampness, draft and pests like flies and rodents. Also, don’t keep your goats in airtight buildings.

For desired growth and good health, you have to ensure a proper ventilation system and flow of sufficient air and daylight in the house.


Generally, small scale farmers keep their goats with other livestock animals like cattle or sheep. But, for commercial production, you have to make a special house for them.

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Always keep the house or shelter clean and use fresh hay or straw for bedding. You can also keep some toys inside the house to keep your goats busy and entertaining. Some producers found that this has a good result in the health of goats.


By feeding your goats high quality, fresh and nutritious food regularly, you can expect maximum production from your business. Feed your goats fresh and nutritious food.

Most successful commercial goat breeders feed their goats 12%-18% protein containing feed. Never include urea in the food because it is toxic to goats.

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If you can make a good pasture and browsing place for your goats, then you can give them less grain. Always provide hay or green food in an abundant supply.

Add necessary nutrients like vitamins, minerals, salt etc. And always serve them a sufficient amount of fresh and clean water according to their demand.

Making a pasture or grazing place for your goats will be a great idea. This will help you to minimize food costs. Grazing place also helps to keep your goats healthy.

Veterinary Service
Always ensure all types of veterinary services for your goats. If the service centre becomes too far from your farm, then make a stock of some necessary medicines and vaccines in your farm or house.

Good marketing strategies can maximize your income. While marketing your products, first of all, try your local markets.

If there is good demand for goat products and a suitable market in your local area, then you will be able to sell your products easily.

If you can’t sell your products at a reasonable price in the local market, try the international market.

Special Care & Management
Along with providing good housing, food etc. your goats also need some special care and management for continuous maximum and profitable income. Vaccinate your goats timely.

Never let them go outside the farm area. Always feed them fresh food. Try to avoid used or contaminated food. Take special care to the breeding bucks and does.

Keep bucks and does separate from each other. Take special care of the kids for few months. Make a report of the total expenditure and income of your farm.

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