Layer Cage System: Advantages and Disadvantages


A poultry farmer into egg production may want to introduce a layer cage system. Egg-laying hens are usually housed in a battery cage, which is ideal for the commercial production of eggs.

The system is very efficient, easily maintained and allows manual or automatic egg handling. It is also effective for manure removal. Other things to notice are the linear drinking system and manual or automatic chain feeding.


There are many benefits to operating a layer cage system. The birds’ movements are restricted, it reduces cannibalism and aids better egg production. Other advantages are easy maintenance, easier waste management and feeding.

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Confinement reduces aggression, pecking and contact with a sick bird. It provides high stocking density, clean hygienic eggs, flock management. They provide better feed conversion, increased production and low ammonia emissions.


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Advantage of the Cage System

  • Restricted movement
  • reduces cannibalism
  • better egg production
  • easier maintenance
  • easier waste management
  • reduced aggression, pecking, contact high stocking density
  • clean hygienic eggs flock management better feed conversion increased production low ammonia emission

Disadvantages of the Cage System

The disadvantages are increased rate of osteoporosis, forced molting. Forced molting is a deliberate stopping of food to cause molting and invariable invigorates the production of eggs.

Other negative aspects involve farmers beak trimming the birds before placing them in the cage. This practice is believed to reduce vent pecking, cannibalism and feather pecking.

  • increased rate of osteoporosis
  • forced molting
  • farmers beak trimming

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