4 Reasons Why Animal Scientists Don’t Make Money


4 Reasons Why Animal Scientists Don’t Make Money

I know so many rich Animal scientists but many are still not getting things right in the farming industry. The farming industry in Nigeria is vast and discerning animal scientists should be smiling to the bank.

Let me share below some reasons why many animal scientists are not making money.


1. Many animal scientists are not courageous enough to exploit the farming industry to their advantage. Most farmers that are big today, started very small. I know a woman who started her farm with less than 300 birds and later became a farmer with over 120000 birds. She is educated but not an animal scientist. If she can do it, I believe animal scientists are in a better position to excel more.

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2. Many animal scientists are too theoretical than practical. The truth is that things are usually more dynamic on the field than in the classroom. To succeed in the art of livestock production, one must get into the arena and be willing to fail before the wheel of fortune can swing in his favour.


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3. Many animal scientists are not doing what it takes to function as experts. Expertise is not by magic. You must pay the price. You must develop yourself tirelessly and keep doing everything you can to help as many farmers as possible to succeed. Once you are a good expert, you will warm your way into the pockets of hundreds of farmers and keep smiling to the bank. The key is this: HELP ME SUCCEED AND YOU TOO WILL SUCCEED. HELP ME MAKE MONEY AND YOU WILL MAKE MONEY.

4. Many animal scientists are not using the advantage of mentoring to integrate themselves into the farming industry. Wise animal scientists will try to identify the busy and successful ones and try to learn from them. Some may even start as farm managers, but as they settle and work with topmost integrity and then learn from their superiors in the industry, they will leverage into prosperity in farming ultimately. I know quite a few farm managers who are now big time players in the farming industry in Nigeria.


Please note that the above are purely my opinion. I however feel strongly that those who will choose to study and apply themselves with the points above will do themselves huge favour and prosper better in the farming industry.

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