4 Simple Tricks For Making Money In Any Type Of Farming Business


4 Simple Tricks For Making Money In Any Type Of Farming Business

I don’t like keeping any secret from Farmers. Since I started publishing FARMING ADVICE DIGEST magazine over 17 years ago, we have relentlessly been loading farmers with every information we can find to add value to them. The establishment of worldfarmerscentre.com and farmingadvicedigest.com websites is also geared towards empowering more and more farmers.

In this light I will also like to share some simple tricks on how to keep making money in any type of farming business.


1. Always strive to produce for a predetermined market.

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If you want to make it in any business, you should be a market thinker than a product thinker. Many farmers always start from products instead of market. This is a very common mistake. When you always think market, you will keep getting ways to make more and more money in any business including farming. WHO ARE GOING TO BUY MY PRODUCTS? This is the question you must keep thinking day and night.

2. Always strive to invest more when people are running away from your type of farming business.

I know many rich farmers that are doing this. It’s a very powerful trick that can help you get more and more money in farming. You see, many farmers are not passionate about farming. Whenever there is a challenge, the less passionate farmers always run away. This is when to consolidate more knowing that life is ebb and flow, day and night, summer and winter etc. The good time will always follow the bad times. IT IS LAW.

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3. Always strive to work with good, productive and vibrant workers. SEEK AND YOU WILL FIND. Let it be your determination to keep working with the right workers and you will get good money from any farming business. It’s all about people. NEVER FORGET THIS. And of course, you too must strive to be a great employer!

4. Always strive to get closer to wiser farmers.

The real shortcut to success in life and business is to walk with the wise. The wise has a lot to teach the meek. Push your ego aside and follow those who are getting the results you want to see in your life and business. Watch better farmers. Visit better farmers. Listen to better farmers. Be a blessing to better farmers. Before you know it, you too will become a better and richer farmer!


The key word in all the points above is STRIVE. Strive, strive and strive to do the points above and keep doing them. THE MONEY WILL FLOW.


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