What to do before starting crop or livestock farming business by a seasoned farmer

What to do before starting crop or livestock farming business by a seasoned farmer

As a partner in an Agribusiness consultancy firm, I get calls everyday from intending and existing farmers across different states majorly Lagos asking for solutions to some already made but avoidable agronomy mistakes and various questions ranging from land matters, clearing methods, what to plant/rear, how to plant/rear, best time to start and many more.

I noticed that a-lot of people want to go into Agriculture majorly livestocks and crops farming because someone told them it’s lucrative or they read online how people are now making millions from farming.


Dear Friends.
Agriculture is not a get rich quick kind of business you need to put a system in place and watch/mentain it carefully as it grows. It requires money, time and superb management skills.

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Agriculture is a multifacet and highly dynamic field. Like never before its currently one of the best line of business to invest in now in Nigeria.


But……. Before you start crop/livestock farm please try to do a proper/detailed research on that particular section of agric you intend investing on.

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Don’t believe 100% in what you read online make sure you visit pratical farmers or send someone to learn on your behalf. For those intending farmers based abroad and the working class make sure your Agric consultant is a pratical farmer not those that write without no result to show.

It pains me when people waste their hard earn money and precious time on farm project that has no reward.

This is my little advice.
Once again do your home work thoroughly before you invest in Agriculture.

God bless you.
Amb. Adeniyi Sola Bunmi
Founder, Gogreen Impact Africa Initiative


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