How to Preserve and Keep Your Vegetables and Fruit Fresh with Charcoal


How to Preserve and Keep Your Vegetables and Fruit Fresh with Charcoal


Farmers in rural area without electricity can keep vegetable and fruit produce fresh for weeks by using an energy free charcoal cooling chamber.


A charcoal chamber, reduces the spoilage rate and allows for more time for sale of perishable goods by maintaining low temperatures.

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Warmth causes foods to go bad, with ripe tomatoes taking less than four days.

A charcoal cooler can boost the shelf life of tomatoes for more than 30 days.

Charcoal is a bad conductor of heat.

Charcoal has pores that absorb water and prevent the passage of heat from the surroundings thereby keeping the enclosure air cool

The vegetables do not also lose shape due to loss of moisture as a result of strong dry wind that is blowing.

Charcoal coolers work best in regions where the moisture content in air is below the 30 per cent mark because if the wind is warm and saturated, it will have no room to accommodate more water vapor and heat.

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The energy free cooler can keep fruits and vegetables fresh for several weeks

Charcoal cooler is what every rural farmer should have on the farm to extend the lifespan of their vegetables and greatly reduce fresh vegetable wastages

Source: Yinka Adesola

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