Open letter to all Farmers Episode 15


Open letter to all Farmers Episode 15

Dear Farmers

I am going to dive right into my prescription: it takes constant innovation to truly make it in business including farming. Somebody said, “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is insanity.”


A farmer that wants to stay ahead in the hard game of profitable farming must be innovative. To innovate means simply to make changes or add something new. To innovate, you must be very curious. You must ask questions. You must be very observant.

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Once you notice that things are not working as they should, you should be on the alert and get things going through timely innovation.
Your relationship with seasoned farmers and professionals is critical if you want to be an innovative farmer. Farmers who are content on doing things the way they have been doing it are doomed to mediocre results and ultimately failure.


I am not suggesting that you should latch on to any trending systems or practice without proper investigation. You must ask questions and look out for adequate proofs from other farmers and professionals before adopting any innovative measure. Innovative measures can be on the area of feeding, medications and overall management.

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A farmer that takes time to develop himself or herself on constant basis will end up being very innovative. You cannot give what you don’t have. The good thing about innovation is that it can even reduce your cost of production in both the short and the long run.

Not all cases of innovation involve running additional costs. And when you run additional costs, you will recoup it at the end of the venture. On constant basis, get a feel of what is happening in your farm and industry. Find ways to be close to people who are truly doing well in farming.

Ask questions and learn fast.

Farming today is more of science than mere work. You can work and die on the farm and still not thrive. Farmer A may be adamant in going the “old reliable” way with about 70% productivity while Farmer B has embraced an innovative practice of feeding or medication that will drastically increase the effectiveness and productivity of the flock to close to 95% or more. In such cases you will see Farmer A smiling to the bank while the other is busy groaning and complaining. The choice is continually yours!


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