How to Get Rid of Snakes on Your Farm


How to Get Rid of Snakes on Your Farm


As we move more into the hot and dry season, snakes become more serious problems for farmers, especially the ones keeping livestock.


One of the first thing to do to get rid of snake on your farm, is to remove sources of shelter for snakes, including coiled hoses, firewood piles, tall grass, dense brush, and open areas under sheds and outbuildings. Keep grass cut very low

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Snakes in your chicken pen can pose a real problem because most snakes will eat chicken eggs, day old chicks

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To get rid of snake around your Poultry Pens, address the underlying problems. For example, if you have mice (rats) in your farm, snakes like to feed on rats. So you need to control rats around your farm house to address the issue of snakes on your farm.


You can also you any of the below Ingredients to get rid of them depending on the one that is easily accessible and cheap for you.


Naphthalene is an ingredient in many commercial snake repellent products. If you want to save money, you can purchase pure naphthalene and place it anywhere you’ve noticed snake activity.



Powdered sulfur may be an effective ingredient to repel snakes. Since powdered sulfur irritates a snake’s skins, it makes your property an unattractive place for them. The smell can be irritating, though, so be sure to wear protective clothing.

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Clove & Cinnamon Oil

Clove and cinnamon oil emit strong scents and may deter snakes. For best results, mix them in a spray bottle and spray them any place you’ve noticed snake activity.


Garlic & Onions

Garlic and onions contain sulfonic acid, which may be effective to repel snakes. Mix chopped-up garlic and onions with rock salt and sprinkle the mixture around your home and yard to deter snakes.



Ammonia emits a strong odor that may deter snakes. Use ammonia-soaked rags in plastic bags and place them any place you notice snake activity. Replace them daily.



Standard white vinegar can repel snakes around bodies of water, including swimming pools. Pour straight white vinegar any place you’ve noticed snake activity, such as the edges of ponds and pools.


Lime mixed with hot pepper or peppermint oil may help deter snakes. Mix the ingredients in a glass bottle and pour the liquid around the perimeter of your pen houses and farm

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