5 Snake Repellent Plants to Wade off Snake on your Farm


5 Snake Repellent Plants to Wade off Snake on your Farm


we must decode what smell snakes hate and build on that to redesign our soil beds to repel them.


Strong smells like citrus odors and spices would keep them away. This is because of a specific organ in their anatomy called the Jacobson’s organ which makes them sensitive to strong smells.

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Strong odors masks their ability to distinguish prey smells so if you plan to permanently repel them off from your garden, you need some plants that will naturally make them go away.


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1. Lemongrass

This is a Natural Snake Repellent

This plant belongs to the citrus group of plants and has a strong fragrance, which snakes dislike. This is going to be the reason alone they’ll stay away from it.

This plant demands low maintenance and labor. All you need to do is to water it regularly in summer.

The tips and the leaves of the plant tend to dry out and turn brown; if you notice this, water the plant.

It does not require much attention, making it one of the best natural snake repellent plants you can grow.


2. Marigold

Marigold is often used to handle pest problems in the garden, as it produces an odor that keeps away critters and other garden pests, and the smell is also effective in keeping the snakes away.

The flowers of the plant are bright and attractive, making it a glamorous natural snake repellent plant for your garden!

Grow it in full sun and moist soil. You can plant it on the hedges of your garden to stay safe from dangerous crawlers.

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3. Garlic and Onion

Deviating from the list of flowering plants, let us now look into the effectiveness of certain vegetables in preventing snakes from entering your garden!

Onion and garlic top the list of natural snake repellent plants since most creatures dislike their smell. The oily exudates of these plants also stick to the snakes’ body, and its aroma has the same disorienting effect as that of pepper spray.

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4. Basil

Basil, also known as the scent leaf, belongs to the Lamiaceae family. As essentials oils are known to keep the snakes at bay, Clove Basil is quite potent!

Its smell baffles snakes, and they leave the area around this plant instantly. This attribute makes it one of the best natural snake repellent plants!

You can also use its essential oil to keep the snakes away.

Mix 10-15 drops of Clove Basil oil in a liter of water and spray it around the area susceptible to snakes.

5. Wormwood

Wormwood plant also known as Ewe Egbin in yoruba. This plant has a musky, strong odor that snakes hate. Make a tea with dry leaves of this plant adding rock salt and garlic, and spread it where the threat of snake persists.

Grow the plant in well-drained soil.

It prefers a bright and sunny location.

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