Oluyole Ibadan Market Report


Oluyole Ibadan Market Report

Good evening farmers and business gurus, market at d floor was interesting and predictable as d companies quickly made some adjustments to avoid crashing. Kindly note that dropping and crashing are different.


So oga broiler dropped prices by #20 to #40 in various brands apart from Amo, CHI and few others as agrited spoilt d build up prices making Zartech, Fidan, bachelor, farm support, etc to cut prices before supply. So those who where supposed to buy on last Thursday grabbed their copy today. White cockerel, pullet, still on a high price, black cockerel, noiler, very scarce and very high. Local Poult now #1300, obasanjo Marshall broiler now available at mixture of males and females.

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My prediction, some companies will maintain today’s prices while some could drop prices, it could also increase as well. Determinant fact should be d rate of demands in d morning. Crashing could occur any effing time, ur money in ur pocketūüĎĆūü§™.
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