Important Points to Note for Pig Housing


Important Points to Note for Pig Housing


Construct shed on dry and properly raised ground.


Avoid water – logging, marshy and heavy rainfall areas.

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The side walls of the sheds should be 4 – 5 ft. high and remaining height should be fitted with GI pipes or wooden poles.


The walls should be plastered to make them damp proof.

The roof should be at least 8 – 10 ft. high.

The pig room should be well ventilated.

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The floor should be hard, non – slippery, impervious, well sloped (3 cm per metre) and properly drained to remain dry and clean.

A feed trough space of 6 – 12 inches per pig should be provided. The corners of feed troughs, drains and walls should be rounded for easy cleaning.

Provide adequate open space for each animal which should be double of covered area

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Provide proper shade and cool drinking water during summer season.

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