Cost of Starting Commercial Goat Farming in Nigeria 


Cost of Starting Commercial Goat Farming in Nigeria 


Goat farming is one of the easiest ways of making money in the Agricultural sector without having to risk your capital. In fact, it’s one of the most profitable farming businesses any farmer can invest in, this is because the demand for goat meat unlike its supply is very high in Nigeria especially during festive seasons like Christmas, Easter, Sallah and some personal occasions like Wedding, Naming and Burial ceremonies.


The truth is that goat farming is very profitable considering factors like low cost of feeding due to the availability of grasses for these Ruminants. To be precise, Nigeria is home to assorted Goat breeds whose gestation period is 135 days, making your goats to deliver two times per year and in essence, doubling your herd stock in a commercial scale within a short period.

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For beginners, it’s advisable to start with between 2 to 10 Goats in other to gain valuable experience before going into commercial production. At least a male and others should be female.


If you want to go into goat farming, there are requirements and practices you’ll want to consider first before venturing into this business of Animal Husbandry.

The price of Goats

The price of goats in Nigeria is as low as ₦6,000 naira and as high as ₦350,000 naira depending on the size and breed.

Cost of Setting up a Goat farm

The cost of setting up a Goat farm is largely dependent on the capacity and type of structure you would want to put in place. We have different types of goat structures. There are the wooden and brick structures. The difference between the two is that the brick houses have pony walls built with 150 or 225 cement blocks of about 900mm height while the wooden pony walls are built with timber and of the same height.

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Required cost components for a 4,500 square feet Goat house

Needed land area: 4,500 square feet

Number of Metal or wooden poles to carry the roof: 34 poles

Number of Cement blocks needed for the pony walls: 4,410

Quantity of Sand needed for mortar: 4.52 m3

Quantity of Cement needed for mortar: 33 bags

Alternatively, use 300mm Wood (facing board) to build stud walls. About 100800 meter length will be needed.

455 Zinc corrugated roofing sheets of about 660×1800 will be needed

Purlins (Timber) needed is 1850 in linear quantity

177 m2 Wire mesh to keep away intruders like snakes

Then get a Capenter and a gang of Bricklayers to put everything to shape.

Most, if not all of these building materials will be required to construct a habitable 100 capacity goat pen. The cost of all the available materials depending on your location. In that case, the average cost of starting a goat farm in Nigeria is between ₦450,000 to ₦1,000,000 naira (depending on your location).

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