Why Should I Start A Rabit Farming Business


Why Should I Start A Rabit Farming Business


Here below are the reasons to start a Rabbit Farming Business.



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Highly Prolific in Nature: Rabbits have the high productive capacity. Since a good rabbit female is capable of producing more than 25 young ones in a year.


Less Space And Low-Cost Business: One can also start this business at small scale business as a part-time in the backyard garden by using the kitchen waste as the fodder. The initial investment cost for rabbit farming is low along with quick returns (about six months after the establishment of the farm).


No Need of Qualification: Anyone can start this business such as a farmer, a housewife, a labor, etc and also, it does not require too much space and capital to start a rabbit farm.

Instant Income: By raising rabbits, you will able to good returns in around 6 months after establishing of the farm. They also provide income from the sale of kits, meat, pelt, and manure.


White Meat: The meat from rabbit has great demand in the market as it is classified as the white meat because it is full of poly-unsaturated fatty acids. The meat of the rabbit is rich in poly-unsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) which comes under the category of white meat.


Big Wool Producers: Rabbits are also the best wool producer on the basis of wool produce per kilograms of body weight because rabbit needs about 30 % low digestible energy for producing wool in compared to sheeps. Rabbit’s wool is 6-8 times warmer than the contemporary sheep wool. This can provide foreign exchange earnings when exported to other countries with very cold weather.


Great Market Scopes: Because of instant returns, within a short time period, you can repay all the initial costs.

A big source of Income: Besides meat and wool, you can also get big income by selling kits, pelt, meat and their manure.

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Good Manure: The residual feed of rabbit commonly mixed with rabbit manure is best suitable for the Worms compost to yield excellent manure for the agriculture. Rabbit manure is highly suitable for vermicomposting which provides excellent manure to be used as an organic fertilizer in agricultural fields.


High-Quality Wool: The wool obtained from the rabbit is about eight times warmer in comparison to the sheep’s wool. Also, this can be mixed well with sheep wool, silk, rayon, polyester, nylon, and other fibers to obtain high-quality handlooms.

Feed Cost is minimal : You can feed your rabbits with all available greens also the waste from vegetables, forage, etc. So, there is no cost of fodder for them required. Rabbits feed on forages of perse origins due to which they require very less quantity of costly concentrate feed and can be reared on roughage.

The reasons above should answer some of the questions you have been contemplating on starting  a rabbit Farming Business.

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