Reasons Why Deeper Ponds are Better that Shallow Ponds



Reasons Why Deeper Ponds are Better that Shallow Ponds



1 Aeration is an important reason why deeper ponds are better that shallow ponds. The deeper ponds allowing more space for the fish and better aeration. Apart from natural aeration smaller ponds need artificial aeration twice daily.

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2 Smaller ponds might require frequent maintenance of a shorter period than deeper ponds. Larger ponds are almost self sustaining like a flowing stream or river.


3 Smaller ponds are more prone to erosion after a period of years. With time erosion affects dugout ponds causing debris to pileup further reducing the depth of your fish pond.

4 Larger and deeper ponds in the long run reduces cost of rebuilding and reconstruction of shallower ponds

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5 Fish bred in deeper fish ponds tend to grow faster, healthier and bigger than those bred in shallower ponds

6 Sediments take longer to build up in deeper ponds than shallow ponds.


Shallow ponds life cycle

The life cycle of shallow ponds is ten years whereby reconstruction is needed. When maintaining old pond the cost might not necessarily spiral up.


The major drawback when maintain you old pond is the down time in fish growing. The pond becomes temporarily out of commission while the pond is repaired.

Deeper ponds tend to have longer life cycles because they are almost self sustaining. Knowing the best depth for your pond is important because too deep and it losses its efficiency.

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General maintenance of your fish pond

A well constructed pond needs little to non maintenance especially above ground ponds. Dugout ponds need more maintenance especially weeding out shrubs and debris.

The electrical equipment like water pumps, aerators and the piping should be checked regularly. Leaking pipes should be promptly replaced and the water inlet and outlet properly tested.

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