Catfish Diseases And Treatment


Catfish Diseases And Treatment


We will be looking at the treatment of these common catfish diseases one after the other.



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How To Treat Gill Rot Disease In Catfish


As a catfish farmer, gill rot disease when noticed on your farm does not call for panic. All you need is to buy the following drugs from any pharmaceutical store;


Tetracycline (also known as red and yellow)

Penicillin (used for surface wounds)

Chloramphenicol and

Vegetable oil

How do I make use of these drugs? Good question. Follow the steps below

Add a teaspoon of penicillin, four (4) capsules of tetracycline, and chloramphenicol to your fish feed.

Stir till you no longer see their powder in the feed.

Add a little quantity of vegetable oil and stir again. The vegetable oil serves as a binder for the drugs.

The last thing to do is to spread the feed to dry before feeding your fish with them. Dry the feed under a cool temperature not under the sun.

Note: Administer the drugs using this process for three days. After the third day, there must be a difference.


How To Treat Crackhead Disease In Catfish

Below are the following steps and solutions to solving crackhead disease in catfish;

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Waste matter in the pond should be eliminated. This means that the water should be changed often.

Do not overfeed your fish so as not to pollute the water.

Once you notice a reddish mark or sign on the head of your catfish you should stop feeding and take measures to treat them.

Add vitamins especially Vitamin C to the feed for fast recovery.

Maintain an optimal level of dissolved oxygen in the water. This means that the level of oxygen in the pond should be adequate for the survival of the fish.

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Minimize the ammonia level in the fish pond.

Always check the pH to ascertain if it is okay for the fish. To do this, you must have a water pH tester.

Feed your fish with adequate feed rich in all nutrients. If you make feed yourself, our guide on how to make catfish feed at home will help you. While at it, also choose the best catfish feed formula that will help foster the fish’s growth.

How to treat Jaundice Disease in Catfish

If as a catfish farmer you observe an outbreak of jaundice on your farm, the following will help out;

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Reduce the number of catfish stocked in the pond.

Improve the water quality by constantly changing the water at least three times weekly.

Minimize the stress your fish go through either during transportation, sorting, hunger, or delay in refilling water in the pond.



The diseases discussed in this article may seem common but they have impacted negatively on catfish farming. Water quality, overstocking and poor-quality feed has been at the center of problems in fish farming. Therefore, among others, water quality and stocking should be looked into at all times.




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