10 Ways to know If your layer birds have not been laying eggs



10 Ways to know If your layer birds have not been laying eggs


Here are 10 ways to know if your layer birds are not laying eggs:


1. Reduced egg production: If the number of eggs laid daily is decreasing, it may be a sign of a problem.

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2. No eggs at all: If your layer birds have stopped laying eggs altogether, it’s a clear indication of an issue.


3. Changes in appetite: A decrease or increase in feed consumption can indicate stress, disease, or nutritional deficiencies.

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4. Changes in behavior: If your birds are acting lethargic, aggressive, or withdrawn, it may be a sign of a problem.

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5. Molting: If your birds are shedding their feathers, it can be a natural process, but excessive molting can indicate stress or poor nutrition.


6. Droppings: Abnormal droppings, such as diarrhea or bloody stools, can indicate disease or poor nutrition.

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7. Weight loss: If your birds are losing weight, it can be a sign of disease, poor nutrition, or stress.


8. Poor feather condition: If your birds’ feathers are ruffled, dull, or missing, it can indicate poor nutrition or stress.

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9. Increased water consumption: If your birds are drinking more water than usual, it can be a sign of stress or disease.


10. Cage and nesting box condition: If the cages and nesting boxes are dirty, crowded, or poorly maintained, it can stress your birds and reduce egg production.

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Remember to regularly monitor your birds’ health, behavior, and environment to address any issues promptly and ensure optimal egg production.


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