What Smart Farmers Should Do Now


What Smart Farmers Should Do Now


How much do your prospects and customers like you?

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Do you know that some people just buy from certain businesses, either because they like the people or because they like the way the company does business?


How do you do your farming business?

The point is I will rather buy products from a pleasant and like-able farmer than the one who is always rude and complaining. This is the basic fact for all of us.

Dear farmer, do all you can to master production but please do also all you can to build a pleasant and like-able personality. This is very important in any business including farming.

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Times are ever changing fast. Unless you are prepared to keep changing with the time, you can’t go far in any business including farming.

What smart farmers should do now is to build up a friendly marketing team that will keep interacting with the public. Unfriendly farming organization will have no future in the marketplace.

Marketing is so much about cultivating a relationship mastery. We never graduate from this school.



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