SPECIAL INTERVIEW With a rabbit farmer series #1


SPECIAL INTERVIEW With a rabbit farmer series #1

1. Tell us briefly about yourself

I am Abiola Solomon Omole (ABIWONDER FARMS AND FOODS) an Elect/Elect Eng. turned rabbits farmer. ( representing Ogun state Rabbit farmers and breeders association of Nigeria)


2. What are the advantages of rabbit farming in Nigeria?

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1. It reduces the rate of unemployment
2. It promotes our Agricultural sector
3. It increases healthy living: rabbit meat is white meat and good for all ages due to its low cholesterol and high protein
4. It reduces the cost on crop farming in Nigeria: rabbits poo is a very good source of manure to crops, and it is very cheaper compared to use of fertilizer
5. It adds values to livestock farming in Nigeria.


3. What advice can you give to rabbit farmers in Nigeria in order for them to do better and make more money in it?

Rabbits farming just like other livestock farming in Nigeria is not a get rich quick scheme like many portrayed it, it is very good and steady source of income if the farmers are knowledgeable enough. I will advice rabbits farmers in Nigeria to get enough knowledge about rabbits farming in Nigeria and also to add passion to their farming skills. Give your best and you will see yourself smiling when your farm is sending you to bank.

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4. What advice do you have for people who want to come into rabbit farming?

My advice for people coming to rabbits farming, get yourself prepared for the farming, life itself is not bed of roses, don’t be fooled, have a mentor who is also making progress on his farm, don’t stock low quality rabbits When You want to start, get your standard rabbits housing ready, define your market before going into it.

5. What can Nigeria government do to help promote rabbit farming?

As we know, encouragement is one of the key tools in achieving greater results, Nigeria Government needs to encourage rabbits farmers financially, give Loans and grants to rabbits farmers, organize seminars for us, sensitise people on a need to be a rabbits farmer.

6. How rich can one be through rabbit farming?

Just like every other farming, your inputs will always determine your output. Rabbits farming is very lucrative but your capacity will determine your returns.

7. What role are you playing to help other rabbit farmers in Nigeria.

I organize periodic seminars for new farmers and existing farmers, I run a scheme where it will make it easier for new farmers to buy quality rabbits at cheaper rate to stock their farms, I’m a voluntary consultant to any rabbits farmer that comes my way, I make different researches and update rabbits farmers on my latest discoveries.

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