This testimony of a young farmer will inspire, instruct and motivate you

This testimony of a young farmer will inspire, instruct and motivate you

Maybe its time to share a part of my survival story during undergraduate academic pursuit

Let me start by highlighting myself as a product of God’s Grace.


I lost my father just after my first year in the university, the world became very narrow as though I was it’s only inhabitant. Coupled with the trauma from the loss, affording necessary educational aids became dreadful.

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My retired mother often starve herself of basic needs just to keep me going. The matter became worse when price of everything doubled and yet the small stipend I got remained unchanged.


It was at that point that my tears provoked me into thinking and fighting. I once remembered tearfully writing a long list of businesses one could engage in as a student.

I was privileged to acquire some pen space at the piggery unit of my department (Department of Animal Science, University of Nigeria). I had to starve myself for 2 months to raise funds, which was used in purchasing 3 weaned (baby) pigs..

Imagine myself, who’s been fed, yet feeding pigs. I trecked shamelessly and wander purposefuly around restaurants, homes and supermarkets to fetch wholesome wastes for my animals.

I began to buy and supply eggs (in crates) to supermarkets and students around, just to raise more funds to feed myself and my pigs. I was favored in the business and became known around the university and some neighborhoods.

Things became lightened when through God’s Grace, I bought a motorcycle. The ease of transportation got me off the stress and the risk of transporting eggs in bags and bucket on foot through long distances.

I was able to create small business cards and posters, and orders kept coming. I was able to satisfy my pigs to a big extent.

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The pictures below express my gratitude to God for granting me Grace through pig-rearing as a student entrepreneur.
I celebrate my pigs too

Now I’m so proud of myself that;
In spite of all these supposed distractions, I never failed ANY course.
I graduated as the 4th best student above 44 colleagues (with a strong credit, 80%)
I’ve trained myself, and have acquired real and practical skills in my career.
Many junior students come to me for advice and mentorship.


Please do understand that life isn’t just balance

FARMER: Dahunsi Paul Oluwaniyi



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