How New NEPC head, Intends to Tackle Export Rejection in Foreign Markets


How New NEPC head, Intends to Tackle Export Rejection in Foreign Markets


The new Executive Director, Nigerian Export Promotion Council, Ezra Yakusak has pledged to tackle the numerous challenges bedeviling non-oil exporters in the country.


Yakusak made the pledge during his inauguration on Monday at the Council’s headquarters in Abuja.

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He pointed out that one of the prominent challenges being faced by exporters was the rejection of exported products in foreign countries.


He, however, assured that his administration intends to put a stop to the trend through capacity building for exporters and the enforcement of product certifications.

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He said, “We at the NEPC already have our Act directing us on what to do; we are going to run on that.

“But most importantly, whatever you do in export promotion, if you don’t enhance the capacity of exporters you will still have cases of export rejects. That is what is happening in Nigeria, presently.

“Our exporters go there and their goods are rejected for several reason. So what we are going to do is embark on capacity building for exporters and we will do that by way of certifications.

“We will look at those issues militating export and we will tackle them.”

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He also noted that the federal government will continue to implement the Domestic Export Warehouse programme to ease clearance procedures at the country’s ports.

Speaking on DEW, Ezra said, “It is a laudable project as it ensures that goods being exported reach the ports in no time, so we are going to continue with it.”

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