Factors that Affect Intake and Digestibility in Cattle


Factors that Affect Intake and Digestibility in Cattle




Cattle are adversely affected by overfeeding and often show symptoms of bloat, indigestion, and acute distention or impaction of the stomach.

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Hence, Overfeeding of animals beyond its actual requirement should be avoided because it affects the rumen environment and can lead to many health and production problems.



Underfeeding should also be avoided as it causes nutritional diseases which cause irreparable damage.

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A long-continued deficiency of vitamins and minerals usually leads to the development of the so-called nutritional diseases which can cause irreparable damage and must be avoided.

Feed processing

Feed should be thoroughly processed so as to eliminate certain things that can affect the animal. Feed should be processed to help in the chewing process and offered several times per day in order to maintain normal rumen functions and improve utilization.

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Environmental factors

Environmental factors that can influence the feed intake in animals include heat stress, rain, noise, and high altitude.

Animal factors

Animal factors that can influence the feed intake in animals, include age, pregnancy, and level of exercise.

Source:- All About Feed.

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