Basic Requirements for Organic Poultry Farming


Basic Requirements for Organic Poultry Farming


Day by day, consumers are becoming more aware of safety and quality of food products consumed by them. Further, as Purchasing Power (PP) of common people is increasing persistently, they are interested to consume safer product without bothering to pay more. So, the production of safer poultry products without any chemical and microbial residues is the order of the day.


On the other hand, emerging importance of animal (poultry) welfare started showing its adverse implications for trade at international level, as there is growing argument that intensive cage rearing, forced moulting etc., are unethical and against the animal welfare. Therefore, laying greater emphasis on organic poultry farming can help us to produce safer poultry products without compromising the animal (poultry) welfare.

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So basic requirement for organic poultry farming include:


1. Appropriate housing that permits natural behaviour, including outdoor access.

2. No antibiotics, drugs or synthetic parasiticides.

3. Organic processing of meat and eggs

4. Natural treatments

5. Rearing of birds without cages

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6. Access to the environment.

7. Stress management

8. Production that does not contribute to contamination of soil or water

9. Outdoor access

10. Grazing management

11. Pasture management

12. Production that does not contribute to contamination of soil or water

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