Have you taken the time to really observe your goats today? Or did you merely glance at them while speeding through your chores? As we rush through our distraction-filled lives, we might not even realize we’re neglecting this essential task. I know I’ve been guilty of this for sure. But by making a conscious effort to slow down and focus on our herds each day, we learn what’s normal for each individual — and more easily spot what’s not. Bonus: Goats are super fun to watch!


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The following signs of illness/injury should raise a red flag:

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Unusual lethargy or agitation


Keeping away from the rest of the herd

Eating much more or less than usual. Ditto for drinking

Abnormal weight loss or weight gain

Swollen abdomen

Unusual vocalizations, or vocalizing more than usual

Vomiting, diarrhea or constipation

Discharge from nose, ears, eyes, teats, etc.

Unusual skin swellings

Straining to urinate

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Tremors, shivering, staggering or paralysis

Coughing or other respiratory distress

Limping, hunched back posture

Bleeding, blood in urine or stool

Hair loss, dull coat and/or extreme itching

Pale gums or eye membranes

Teeth grinding

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