How to Develop and Grow Catfish with Aerator


How to Develop and Grow Catfish with Aerator


Although oxygen is absorbed from the surface of the water naturally additional devices are needed to boost oxygen levels. Some simple methods to increase oxygen in your pond are installing a waterfall or introducing underwater plants like anacharis.


Other effective methods include adding a fountain or an aeration pump device. A clear sign that the oxygen level isn’t sufficient is when the fish float on the surface gulping air.

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A quick fix is to change the water and make sure your pond is not overstocked. You can then introduce an aeration device to add dissolved oxygen into the water.


Most Garden ponds are better preserved with the introduction of any method of aeration.

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What is aeration?

Aeration is when oxygen is added to water through another source other than atmospheric air. Aeration maintains healthy level of dissolved oxygen improving the water quality.

Catfish thrive and grow rapidly in a properly aerated pond. It reduces the growth time saving money and producing large healthy fish.

Aerated water decomposes carbon dioxide and other elements.


Things to consider before adding an aerator device to your pond

We know that aerators are good for our ponds but what do you expect when adding an aerator to your pond.



Most aeration devices use electricity to work. The device should be installed by a qualified electrician with all safety precautions strictly followed.



It takes lots of work to keep the device in top working orders. Whatever device you use it will need periodic maintenance and replacement.

A complex device might be slightly challenging when installing. They might need proper technical assistance to work properly.



The cost of adding an aeration device might impact on the initial profit. Some devices are very expensive while others are moderately priced.

Although the initial cost might seem extravagant the long term reward is worth the expenditure.


Different methods water gets oxygenated

1 The use of waterfalls

2 A water pump works fine

3 A fountain

4 Rain

5 Underwater plants

6 Adding fresh water into the pond


The effect of dissolved air on catfish production

Dissolved air has many positives that increase your chances of fast growing fish. There are other things that affect water purity like salinity, and barometric water pressure.

Cold water retains dissolved oxygen better than warm water and temperature affects the amount present in the water.

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Advantages associated with introducing an aeration device

There are many advantages of adding an aeration device to your fish pond. An Aerator increases the dissolved air in the pond which allows the introduction of higher density of fish.

You can easily stock a greater amount of fish when oxygen levels are high. Dissolved oxygen in the water improves the quality of the water.

Aerators speed up the rate of organic decomposition and gas displacement. Thereby, effectively reducing the phosphorous while chemically and thermally affecting the water. Aerators also control the prevalence of algae in ponds.


Different kinds of aeration devices

There are many aerator devices used to increase the oxygen levels in the pond. Listed below are aerator devices mostly used by fish farmers to increase dissolved air in ponds.

When choosing an aerator device check its application, durability, efficiency and functionality.


Circulatory wind aerators

Circulatory wind aerators are wind powered and are driven by a compressor to pushes air to a diffuser membrane. The circulatory prop is usually a paddle that rotates in the water and creates oxygen.

Circulatory aerators are also referred to as wind mill aerators. Wind mill aerators work in windy areas are aesthetically pleasing to the eye and do not require electricity.

The disadvantages of circulatory wind aerators are its bulky nature and difficulty when installing the device. Another major flaw is that it needs lots of wind to function optimally.


Paddle wheels aerators

Paddle wheels have a shaft and blades that are spun by a motor. The blade causes a splash on the surface by exiting and entering the water.

Paddle wheel are very efficient surface water aerators and cause directional flow while aerating the water. Some disadvantages are the bulkiness of the device and is ineffective in deeper ponds.


Vertical surface pumps

Vertical surface pumps uses a float and motor attached to a prop. The vertical surface pump works the motor which activates the prop and splashes surface water.

Vertical surface pumps are perfect for smaller ponds and produce decent oxygen. They are easy to install, light weight and portable.

Although they mimic moving water they are not the real thing. Another advantage of vertical surface pond is the moderate price.


Diffused air

Diffuse air compressors either work as blowers or compressors. A compressor produces lower pressure air than blowers but reach deeper and is more effective.

The diffused air compressor is another way to introduce dissolved oxygen into your pond. Disadvantages of this method are no electricity, little surface movement and effective only in deeper ponds


An advantage includes portability and is a good emergency method.


Cascading water

Cascading water uses the power of nature to create oxygen. The water is pumped or channeled to create splash and water movement. The process is not as effective as electric aerators but it is aesthetically pleasing and low maintenance.


Fountain Aerators

Fountain aerators beautify your pond while adding oxygen to the water. Fountain aerators work in shallow ponds, and reduce gasses in the water.

Other aerators are the horizontal aspirators that use motor, shafts and propellers and horizontal prop units. Horizontal aspirators are good for directional flow of water, its easily moved and adjustability.

In larger ponds fish farmers might pump pure oxygen into their pond. When choosing an aerator the fish farmer needs to decide on the purpose, price and functionality of the device.

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