6 Steps to Consider Before Dropping that Resignation Letter



6 Steps to Consider Before Dropping that Resignation Letter



Quitting one’s job is a huge decision. It’s also something all of us have considered at least once before.

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By mid-January, most companies would be reaching out to fill up vacant roles. However, don’t just join the bandwagon without considering some of these:



1). Have I explored every option with my employer?

Some of what you want from a new job might be easily secured in your existing job. What can you trade off with your employer?

Flexible working time

New responsibilities,

Different reporting line

Reduced hours or higher pay.



2). How did I get here?

Before quitting, it can be helpful to know how you got here in the first place

Why did you take up the offer?

What has been your career path so far?

Is there a change in your career goal?

Reflecting on the past puts better clarity to your present and gives new direction for your future so you can design a new career path.

Reflecting and knowing you had done this before can make deciding less challenging for you.


3). Are you Burnt out?

Is this a case of being stretched too thin and overworked or a case of not managing work process effectively?

Would efficient tools and resources do the trick to “reclaim” your job or sanity? If no, then that means this is a culture that you need to escape from especially if you have tried all other ways to make it less stressful and is still affecting your zeal to life.


4). Have you challenged yourself?

If you have built core competencies in your primary job areas, why don’t you ask for more responsibilities? So, why not ask for that functions that others find intimidating and include on your plate? This is a way of selling yourself to management and getting the opportunity for more pay.

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5). Do you have other things bothering you?

What is affecting your state of mind now and not giving you peace but it is not directly connected to work? Life goals, marriage, relationship, health, medical and financial issues, or habits?


If these are not sorted out, you will still carry these over to your new job.

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6). Should I quit over a toxic boss or work environment?

If you work for bigger organizations, you can meet with your HRM to request a change in your reporting line.

However, for smaller organisations, this may be difficult to do and if you weigh the options and it doesn’t look appealing to your mental health, then do the needful.

Sometimes you don’t understand the full impact of a toxic workplace until you start at a new one. “People put up with so much for the sake of a salary.”


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