Why There will Be Shortage of Tomato In Nigeria This Year- TOGAN 



Why There will Be Shortage of Tomato In Nigeria This Year- TOGAN 



Tomato farmers under the auspices of the Tomato Growers Association of Nigeria (TOGAN) have raised concerns over the possible shortage of the commodity as this year.

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According to Kano State Chairman of TOGAN, Alhaji Sani Yadakwari, the association has firsthand information that the federal government has given approval for tomato importation to nine companies with 10% duty and 20% levy only, poor policies may cause the shortage of tomatoes.

He said this had reduced farmers’ interest in planting the crops, adding that it would demoralize them from farming this year, saying, “It is unfortunate that the federal government, at this point in time, had decided to approve the importation of tomato paste into the country. To be candid, our members received this information with shock and it has drained all our efforts in tomato production.”

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The TOGAN chief also disclosed that election time was a hindrance for many tomato merchants who would not dare to travel out of their domains.


“Most of our members have decided not to grow tomatoes this year, and coupled with the election period, Nigeria may experience tomato shortage this year,” he added.

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The chairman also said the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) had declared a change in the recovery processes, which would compound issues for farmers.

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