13 failure proof practices of wise poultry farmers 


13 failure proof practices of wise poultry farmers 


1. Regular farm inspections: Wise poultry farmers inspect their farms regularly to identify problems early and take corrective actions.



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2. Disease management: They have a well-designed disease management plan in place to ensure the health and wellbeing of their birds.



3. Nutrition management: They ensure that their birds receive a balanced diet to meet their nutritional requirements.


4. Biosecurity measures: They follow strict biosecurity measures to prevent the spread of diseases and pests on their farms.


5. Adequate housing: They ensure that their birds have adequate housing to protect them from adverse weather conditions.


6. Proper ventilation: They ensure that their poultry houses are well-ventilated to prevent respiratory problems in their birds.


7. Hygienic practices: They maintain high levels of hygiene on their farms to prevent the spread of diseases and infections.

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8. Water management: They ensure that their birds have access to clean and safe drinking water to maintain their health.


9. Record-keeping: They keep detailed records of their farm activities, including bird health, production, and financials, to monitor their performance.


10. Continuous learning: Wise poultry farmers are always learning and seeking new knowledge about the industry to improve their practices.

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11. Risk management: They have a risk management plan in place to minimize losses in case of unforeseen events, such as natural disasters or market changes.


12. Marketing strategy: They develop a well-designed marketing strategy to ensure that they can sell their products at a fair price.


13. Collaboration and networking: They collaborate with other farmers and industry professionals to share knowledge and resources, ultimately leading to better outcomes.

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Overall, wise poultry farmers follow best practices in every aspect of their operation, from bird health to marketing. They are continuously learning, adapting, and seeking improvement, ultimately leading to a successful and sustainable business.



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