5 Ways to make Profit from Goat Farming


5 Ways to make Profit from Goat Farming


Goat farming is one of the easy to manage and lucrative livestock enterprises across the globe. Most importantly, goats are one of the globally accepted animals for animal farming or breeding.



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Another advantage of goat farming is that you can start with just a few animals and you can grow them into a large herd with proper breeding plans. It has no serious health hazards to the owner, people or the environment.



However, for anyone who intends to start a business, the first question is often around profitability. This is understandable as a venture or business is meant to generate revenue and profits. Therefore, it is not strange for someone to ask how to profit from goat farming. This post will open your eyes to the various ways to earn or profit from goat farming.


1. Sales of mature goat or young kids

As a goat farmer, you can earn by selling young kids or mature goats (or both) to people. These people buy them to start their own goat farm and some slaughter the mature ones for meat. Whatever their reason for buying is, either for breeding or slaughter purposes, you would get money by selling them the goats. In fact, pregnant does (female goats) often command higher prices as it is assumed you are buying two goats together.


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2. Sales of processed goat meat and by-products

If you have your own goat slaughter house, equipment and experience for goat meat processing, you will earn more by selling goat meat. All other by-products from goat processing such as the hoofs, horns and intestines have their own markets. So nothing is actually a waste. Besides, selling processed goats gives you higher profits than when sold as live animals.


3. Sales of goat milk or cheese

If you raise dairy goats, you can get milk from them and sell it to the consumers. Did you know that goat milk is recognized as one of the best in the world? Goat milk is palatable, nutritious and highly digestible than cow milk. You can sell your goat milk to the people who value and drink goat milk. If you can make cheese from goat milk, you will also profit from such. Produce fresh goat cheese, package it nicely and sell.

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4. Sales of goat urine or faeces

Some people buy goat urine and faeces to produce organic fertilizers for plants or crops. You can collect the urine and faeces of your goats and sell these people. Of course, you can also apply the urine or faeces on your own crop farmland and enhance the fertility of the soil and boost crop yield.

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5. Sales of goat skins and hairs

Animal skins and hides are used to make leather shoes, clothes, belts and other leather products. You can enter a supply contract for goat skins or sell to tanners or leatherworkers and get paid. Goat hairs are also highly useful to the clothing industry. If you can get goat hairs in large quantities, selling them adds to your revenue and profit.


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