10 questions every sheep and goats farmer should ask himself daily 



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10 questions every sheep and goats farmer should ask himself daily 



1. Are my sheep and goats healthy, active, and showing no signs of illness or injury?

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2. Have I provided sufficient clean water and checked water sources for contamination?


3. Is the pasture or feed quality adequate to meet the nutritional needs of my animals?

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4. Have I checked for parasites such as worms and ticks and implemented a deworming schedule if necessary?

5. Are the housing or shelter conditions suitable for the weather and the well-being of my sheep and goats?

6. Have I observed the behavior of my animals to detect any signs of stress or aggression within the herd?

7. Are pregnant ewes or does receiving proper care and nutrition for a successful pregnancy and birth?

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8. Have I maintained proper record-keeping for vaccinations, births, deaths, and other important events?

9. Is the fencing and security of the grazing areas sufficient to prevent escapes or predator attacks?

10. What improvements or adjustments can I make to enhance the productivity and welfare of my sheep and goats?

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