14 ways to ensure piglet survival



14 ways to ensure piglet survival


Here are 14 ways to ensure piglet survival:



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1. Proper Breeding and Gestation: Ensure healthy breeding stock, proper nutrition, and adequate gestation facilities.



2. Clean and Safe Farrowing Environment: Provide a clean, dry, and safe farrowing pen with adequate ventilation and temperature control.


3. Colostrum Intake: Ensure piglets receive sufficient colostrum within the first few hours of life.


4. Proper Nutrition: Provide high-quality milk replacer or foster care, and wean piglets at the appropriate age.

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5. Health Monitoring: Regularly monitor piglets for signs of illness, and address any health issues promptly.

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6. Proper Housing and Ventilation: Ensure adequate space, ventilation, and temperature control in the nursery and grow-out phases.


7. Socialization and Enrichment: Provide socialization and enrichment activities to reduce stress and improve welfare.

8. Vaccination and Parasite Control: Implement appropriate vaccination and parasite control programs.

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9. Regular Veterinary Care: Schedule regular veterinary check-ups and follow advice on maintaining piglet health.


10. Good Husbandry Practices: Ensure good husbandry practices, such as proper feeding, watering, and handling.

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11. Proper Weaning: Wean piglets at the appropriate age and weight to minimize stress.


12. Monitoring for Diseases: Regularly monitor for diseases and take prompt action if issues arise.


13. Providing Adequate Water: Ensure access to clean, fresh water at all times.

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14. Minimizing Stress: Minimize stress through gentle handling, proper transportation, and avoiding overcrowding.

By following these ways, you can significantly improve piglet survival rates and raise healthy, thriving pigs.


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