What to do Step-by-Step When Your Sow is About to Give Birth



What to do Step-by-Step When Your Sow is About to Give Birth


1. Monitor her behavior: Watch for signs of labor, such as restlessness, vocalization, and nesting behavior.



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2. Prepare the farrowing pen: Ensure a clean, comfortable, and spacious area with adequate ventilation and temperature control.



3. Check for contractions: Observe the sow’s abdomen for contractions and straining.

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4. Intervene if necessary: Assist only if labor is prolonged or difficult, using proper techniques and equipment.

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5. Provide support: Offer food, water, and comfort to the sow during labor.


6. Monitor the piglets: Ensure they are nursing and warm after birth.

7. Keep the pen clean: Dispose of soiled bedding and disinfect the area.

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8. Seek veterinary care: If complications arise or you’re unsure about any aspect of the farrowing process.

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Remember, stay calm and be prepared to act if needed. Good luck!

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