25 Biosecurity Guidelines for Visitor Control (Part Two)


14. Do not allow foods of animal origin to be brought unto the premises.


15. Provide a container or plastic bag for collecting dirty clothing or disposable items used by the visitors.

16. Ask visitors to wash their hands prior to leaving the premises, especially if in contact with animals.

17. If hosting tours, provide handwashing facilities or disinfectant hand gel.

18. If food is to be served to visitors, do this away from the animal facilities and after handwashing.

19. Provide a footbath and a container of an appropriate disinfectant solution with a scrub brush at the entrance to each facility.

20. Maintain the above with daily cleaning remove accumulated organic matter and replenish disinfectant regularly.

21. Footbaths alone are not an effective means of disinfecting footwear.

22. Ensure all equipment used to visitors has been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected and stored appropriately before being used on your premises.

23. Also clean and disinfect all borrowed equipment and tools prior to use on your farm and before returning them.

24. Proper use of disinfectants is a critical component of biosecurity.

25. Use any disinfectants such as chlorhexidine, hypochlorites, phenols, oxidizing agents, iodine compounds and quaternary ammoniums according to product recommendations.



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