Check out the SOS letter to President Buhari by Feed Industry Practitioners Association [FIPAN]

Check out the SOS letter to President Buhari by Feed Industry Practitioners Association [FIPAN]



Your Excellency,

We salute you for your many passionate and patriotic commitment towards diversifying Nigeria’s Economy to the Agricultural Sectors. Facts and evidences are there to show you have matched your desire for home grown food and products with many policies including anchor borrowers scheme, NIRSAL Microfinance loan to Agricultural Sectors, Border closure to prevent dumping of foods in our country, and many others including the relaxation of taxes on some agricultural components in this year’s financial policies.

As we congratulate you on these laudable feats, and efforts made under your Administration to curb the activities of kidnappers, bandits and terrorists, which collectively had caused reasonable and substantial reduction on crop productions in several parts of the country; it is worth mentioning that the consequences of these insecurities and effect of 2020 Covid 19 pandemic lockdown and flooding in many crop production areas, had caused astronomical drop in harvest of grains especially Maize and Soyabean. Evidences of this are most likely known to you sir, with your approval of collection of grains from the ECOWAS Food Reserve and license for four Companies to import Maize for Livestock industries last year through the Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria.

Our International Press Conference about the challenge of Maize in August 2020 got your attention with your prompt approval for grains to be released to the Livestock Feeds sub-sector last year. While this temporarily invoked stabilisation for about 3 weeks on the price of maize at about N130,000 per ton, it quickly weaned off and we had another International Press Conference in October 2020 with the alarm of possible collapse of the Livestock and Feeds Industries if nothing is done promptly to arrest the escalating price increase linked to possible hoarding of Maize and exportation of Soyabean. We duly wrote you on 30th October 2020, on the need to quickly save the situation before it get out of hands.

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Our trust in you and your loyal lieutenants, informed our communication of this crisis situation also to the Minister of Finance, Budget and National Planning, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria, and Committees on Agriculture in the National Assembly. This was to ensure that they properly verify and corroborate our facts and consequently provide appropriate template to resolving the crisis which has now exacerbated to sale and non availability of Maize at N200,000 per ton and Soya-meal at about N250,000 per ton.

The Livestock and Feeds Industries which covers the value chains of feeds for all Livestock – Poultry, Fisheries, big and small ruminants, etc is a sector with over tens of trillions Naira and over 20 millions adults in direct and indirect employment. The reality of this unabated non-affordability and unavailability had caused imminent downsizing and closure of operations in the sector with consequences of increase insecurities with millions of people that would lose their jobs, scarcity and extreme high prices of animal proteins that are vital indication of an healthy society especially in improving immunity in these challenging times of Covid 19, bank loan repayment crisis, further elongation of the Economy depression status, etc.

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We therefore call on you sir as a farmer and father to both the nation and farming Community, to immediately and passionately effect the policies that would immediately ensure the affordability and availability within an economic reasonable margin that sustain the production of animal proteins at cost that would be affordable to our teeming population, who are equally struggling to survive from various Economic challenges being addressed by your Administration.

We thank your sir.

Mr. Raymond Isiadinso(RAS)

National President

Prince Adekunle Adenuga

National General Secretary



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