The solution to Egg glut by a seasoned poultry farmer


The solution to Egg glut by a seasoned poultry farmer

Farmers do have seasonal difficulty in the sales of eggs as many poultry farmers sell eggs below production cost due to a low demand.

Farmers leave the marketing of eggs at the mercy of the exploiting middlemen because of poor marketing channels this unfortunately leads to poor pricing, creation of artificial egg glut and farmers frustration. The government has left farmers to their fate, farmers have to take bold steps in getting involved in egg marketing, there is a urgent need to bridge the gap between producers and consumers.


Challenges that should be addressed:

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Poor advertisement of eggs.Buscuits don’t have any nutritional value yet it is better advertised than ‘the nutritious egg’;Poor participation of poultry farmers in Poultry association programmes;Insecurity affecting the free flow of eggs supply to some areas;Lack of egg processing companies;Poor marketing channels.



Advertisement– it is a very important tool in marketing and many great products have been known by consumers from various media.

This should be the collective efforts of Poultry association at all levels and individual farmers for financial supports.

Opening of Distribution Channels- farmers need to open more distribution channels like opening egg outlets at strategic markets or cities, distribution to schools, supermarkets, government or cooperatives, sales to NGOs and explore selling to neighbouring countries.

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Every farmer has to consider the following shell quality characteristics that must be considered are: cleanliness, soundness (unbroken), smoothness and shape. This will add value to the eggs.

Influence Government to Execute Programmes that will Encourage Consumption- poultry association can influence the government to execute programmes that will encourage consumption.

Improved marketing organization, consumer education and promotion should be done aggressively be poultry association.Improve the marketing organization- this strategy encourages consumption and the farmers can plan their production to meet demand.

Packaging/processing and distribution method promotes both production, consumption and boost consumers confidence on quality, freshness and wholesomeness of the eggs.

Consumer education and promotion- Poultry associations or big players in the industry can embark on aggressive consumer education and promotion will increase egg consumption. This educates people that eggs are of high nutritional value, easily digestible and especially good for children, pregnant women and the elderly. Radio adverts, radio talk shows, advertising, collaboration with public and private agencies seeking to improve health, living and nutritional standards may all increase consumption.

Egg Processing Plant– there is a need to seek more investment in egg processing, as food companies spend huge amount is incured on importing egg powder. The cost of setting the plant up is huge but it will go a long way to help in mopping up excess eggs in circulation.

There is need to give egg marketing a pragmatic approach either by individual farmers, poultry associations at all levels and other big players in the poultry industry.

Lots of moneis has been wasted as a result of egg glut and every farmer needs to work together a common umbrella to increase egg consumption across Africa.
There is need to bridge greater the distance between producers and consumers so that eggs can reach consumers in the form, place and time desired.

Contributed by Gafar Ayotunde Olufemi


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